In 2014 Tim Sanders, the idea maker of Operator Error Apparel, and a friend, were joking about starting a business after being medically retired from the Army.  There are so many veteran owned and operated businesses out there, especially apparel or t-shirt companies.  in 2016, what began as a joke, started to help one veteran cope with awful feelings, anxiety and depression.  It started with 2 shirts and not much money, as time went on and with a small following, Tim seen something. The idea of this company wasn't to make a lot of money or even to survive off what this company makes, it was a way to escape, a way to keep a veterans mind busy, it allows a veteran to be wanted or needed since he lost that purpose. 
Operator Error Apparel and Stinkface Designs is an idea and the imagination of a veteran family that is being created out of their garage, just like many success stories you hear about, for example: Walt Disney.  I know we are no where near or comparable to Disney but, it's the thought of the beginning.
We are 100% self-funded with no start up loans, just 2 small investors got us to where we are today.
So enjoy our ideas and thank you for supporting us, with every purchase allow us to make something new.